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Thank you to Pam Powers for her hours of work tabulated the results for MMHA Year End Show Results!
Please contact Pam directly if you have any questions by January 15, 2018
Pamela Powers <





  1.  In order to be counted for year end points, a horse’s owner must be a current member of the Mass Morgan Horse Association and any Equitation rider must be a current member as well.  In the case of Leadline, either the horse or the rider must be a current member.


  2. Points will count from the 1st of the month after the month membership is activated. Points will count after a membership has been started or renewed Prior to the  1ST OF THE IMMEDIATE NEXT MONTH(For example, if the membership begins or is renewed on June 10, 2017, points will start to count beginning July 1, 2017)


  3. Shows that count for points are: UPHA Spring Premiere, Greater Boston Charity, Connecticut Morgan, Summer Kickoff, Seacoast, New England Morgan Regional, Connecticut Summer Classic, Massachusetts Morgan and Octoberfest.  You must compete in at least two (2) of the listed horse shows to be considered for year end points.


  4. Points are as follows:

    Qualifying classes:1st-8 points, 2nd-7 points, 3rd-6 points, 4th-5 points, 5th-4 points, 6th-3 points, 7th-2 points, 8th-1 point

    Championship classes: 1st-12 points, 2nd-11 points, 3rd-10 points, 4th-9 points, 5th-8 points, 6th-7 points, 7th-6 points, 8th-5 points

    High point awards and Sweepstakes classes will not count toward Year End Awards, for example: Weanling and Yearling competitions, High Point Carriage or Dressage

    -Mass Morgan classes ALL count DOUBLE-


  5. Trail riders must submit their mileage information to the points secretary by November 1, 2017 in order to be considered for a year end award. 


  6. If a member is leasing a horse through USEF, they must submit paperwork to the point secretary to show proof of lease in order to be considered for points.


  7. If a horse changes ownership during the show season, points will continue to be counted only if the new owner is a current member of MMHA.


  8. A preliminary listing of points will be available to the membership upon completion of the Mass Morgan horse show’s tabulation.  A date by which changes can be made will be published that allows the membership to dispute any point totals.  After that date, any changes to the Year End points list can only be made by approval of the MMHA Board.